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Plantation shutters add a touch of Southern charm to any home or office. Not only are shutters incredibly impressive, but they're also very practical. Custom-made shutters provide a range of light control and privacy options, are extremely durable, and are effective at insulating against heat and cold.

We offer a variety of vinyl shutters as well as premium wood shutters. With endless color and configuration options to choose from, we're certain to have a shutter that perfectly suits your needs!

Features of Our Shutters

Privacy and Light Control

Enjoy your view as much as you enjoy your shutters.

Shutters are perhaps the only window treatment that give you the option of a true full view out, a partial view out, or no view out at all. With a custom-made shutter, you can open entire panels, fully exposing the window and providing an unobstructed view out. You can also keep the panels closed and adjust the tilt of the louvers, much like you could for a venetian blind. Or you could close the panel, close the louvers, and enjoy complete privacy and light control.


Skandia custom shutters are perfect for a variety of applications.

Interior windows

French doors

Closet doors

Sliding glass doors


Child Safety

Shutters are cordless, making them a great selection for homes with children.

Skandia Window Fashions has been very proactive in developing innovative solutions that reduce the risk of strangulation. Our shutters are entirely cord-free. Shutters are a product that we highly recommend for homeowners with children.


Shutters are both flexible and functional!

Frame: Numerous frame options.

Tilt Bar: Available as standard (tilt bar in front) or hidden.

Bi-Fold System: The bi-fold shutter is perfect for closet doors. It allows panels to be hinged together and pull open, essentially folding one panel in to the other.

By-Pass System: The by-pass shutter is perfect for sliding glass doors. This system allows one panel to slide horizontally past another panel. You can slide both panels to one side of the opening, leaving the other side entirely exposed. Or you can cover the entire opening by sliding one panel to the left side of the opening, and the other panel to the right side of the opening.

Double-Hung Shutters: with a double-hung shutter, one panel is hung directly below another panel. The two panels are stacked on top of each other, and operate independently. If you want to open the top panel to expose part of the window, but want to keep the bottom closed, you can do so with a double hung shutter.

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